AIRcable™ Products

All our AIRcable products are now based on the AIRcable SMD intelligent Bluetooth module. They have an operating system and are programmable in BASIC code via wireless file transfer. We use this feature and pre-program out devices for really easy-to-use features you have come to enjoy from our AIRcable products.

And, of course, you can always combine two AIRcable modules for cable replacement applications.

AIRcable Benefit

What makes AIRcable products so incredible is the fusion of the following in one single device:

We have a full spectrum of devices in this product line, from the smallest, ultra low power AIRcable SMD module to the longest range Bluetooth product in the industry, 30km with the AIRcable Industrial XR. Our products are based on the newest Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR standard, free of interference and are 802.11b tolerant by avoiding collisions automatically. This results in reliable connections and high communication data rates (up to 3MBit/s).

AIRcable Operating System

All our AIRcable OS products are based on the AIRcable operating system. It allows running customer applications in BASIC. They are easily programmable through a wireless file transfer (FTP) of a simple text file containing the BASIC code. Our AIRcable OS products are the only embedded Bluetooth products that allow multiple and simultaneous wireless connections. In fact, two serial wireless connections (SPP) can be supported at the same time plus file transfer and message transfer.

Autonomous Operation

A very powerful input and output system implemented within the AIRcable OS allows reading and writing on 3 high speed serial ports: SPP master port, SPP slave port and the UART. We can achieve a sustained streaming data rate of 350kBit/s and baud rate of 3MBit/s. Applications run independent of wireless connections and can communicate with sensors and attached devices or user interfaces. All AIRcable products have a read/writeable file system for data logging and retrieval using standard wireless FTP over OBEX. The interoperability allows even cell phones and PDAs to access the file system wirelessly.

Wireless Sensors

The AIRcable OS products come with a number of intelligent sensor interfaces: generic I2C, SPI, real time clock, temperature sensor, high-precision analog to digital sensor, LCD and more. This makes the AIRcable SMD the perfect solution for "smart dust", motes and other wireless sensor products. It is mesh network capable, bootstrap configurable and able to support master and slave operations simultaneously.

The AIRcable OS products are superior to Zigbee or other proprietary solutions in the wireless sensor market:

Summary Benefits