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USB Serial Drivers

The AIRcable USB5 is using a Silabs CP2102 USB bridge. Select the driver from the CD when asked or download the latest version from the Silabs website here. Drivers are available for Windows, OSX and Linux.


The AIRcable USB5 needs to be configured to match the baud rate used by the PC. Default baud rate is 115200 baud. The command line interface allows you to select a different baud rate.

This is not required as long as your PC uses the virtual COM port at 115200 baud. If your software uses a different baud rate use the command line interface to change the baud rate used when a connection establishes.

Basically: make a serial connection to the virtual COM port, send +++ and enter to start the command line interface. Use the "u" command to change baud rate.

Automatic Connection

The AIRcable USB5 runs in service master mode, which automatically makes connections to devices it finds.

The default configuration uses a name filter. It will try a connection to a devices with the friendly name staring with "AIR".

Default pass key is "1234".

Make a Wireless Cable

The default configuration is setup to pair with other AIRcable Serial devices, such as:

Change the default configuration to make Serial Port connections to any device.

Chance the default mode to cable-master to connect to only one paired device.

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