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Plug the AIRcable Industrial XR into the USB connector. This will charge the battery. The red LED blinks when the battery is charging.

Press the button under the clear light pipe to start the AIRcable. The blue LED shows the receiver active, the green LED shows the transmitter active.

The yellow LED is for status of the BASIC code, waiting for connections or active connections.


Press and hold the button for 10 seconds. Release and wait for the AIRcable to power down.

RS232 Cable Replacement

The AIRcable Industrial XR comes with the cable replacement BASIC code. Please see the Serial5X support guide to make serial connections as master and/or slave.

Documentation & Downloads

Product Manual

The AIRcable Industial XR comes preprogrammed with a cable replacement code which can be configured from the RS232 using the command line interface.
Plug into a PC using the null-modem adapter, power it and run Hyperterminal or WinSSD (terminal emulator) at 115200 8N1 on that port.
Type "+++" and enter and wait for the command line to start.

Command line Interface

Develop and Deploy

We have many examples to write your own BASIC code. Please visit the open source pages:

AIRcable BASIC Examples

The open source pages at are dedicated to more examples and BASIC language specification. AIRcable BASIC Language Download the standard command line interface code for several AIRcable products here

Industrial XR Communication Diagram

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