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The Host XR3 works just as a standard Bluetooth dongle. It is supported by every operating system, Mac OSX, Linux and Windows.

Upon plugging the AIRcable Host XR3 in, you should see the blue light starting to blink. This means that the AIRcable Host XR3 has been recognized by the OS and is initialized.

Just follow the instructions from your machine to setup new Bluetooth devices, make connections etc.

On Mac OSX, the AIRcable Host XR3 will automatically switch off the build-in Bluetooth and takes over. Just be careful, since all previous pairings to other devices are now invalid. Pair again.

On Windows, if you had licensed software for other 3rd party hardware, you probably would need to un-install this software since it will not allow the Host XR3 as the supported hardware.

The standard Windows drivers do support the Host XR3. Please visit if you need drivers that support additional profiles, more than Windows does.

Linux just works. In addition Linux supports 15 AIRcable Host XR3, allowing 7 * 15 connections at the same time.

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There are several Bluetooth libraries available for all different the operating systems and languages.

We write a lot of Python code:

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