AIRcable BLE

Single Mode Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Module

Brief Description

The AIRcable BLE is the engine in all our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) products.

Based on the new CSR1010 it is a single mode Bluetooth 4.0 module, compatible with our standard Bluetooth SMD modules. Main feature is the low power consumption starting at 2µA hibernating and 6µA in deep sleep mode, to wake up with the click of a button or timer. This product can give you years of battery life.

Feature List

Programmable Micro-Controller
  • 10 PIO, 3 AIO, I2C, SPI , async serial
  • Request the BLE-Master software for RS232 communication
  • 3.3V regulator on board for 5V power
  • or 3V coin cell
  • Bluetooth QDL B014358
Single Module Solution
  • Contains secondary IO processor (8051) for independent operation
  • Ultra low power consumption <6uA
  • Ideal solution for wireless sensors, smart dust, motes

Use It For

Temperature Sensor
Heart Rate Monitor