AIRcable SmartPlug™

The pluggable SmartDimmer

New Smarts for your Smart Phone

Introducing the AIRcable SmartPlug™.

Our new housing design allows us to put the SmartDimmer intelligence into a pluggable form factor. We are planning a new IndieGoGo campaign to find first backers to help finance the tooling and production of this even more convenient product.

As another addition to the new home automation standard the AIRcable SmartPlug™ gives the same convenience and functionality to home owners. No wiring, no setup, no screws, no WiFi infrastructure, just plug-and-play!

It is fully integrated into the SmartDimmer app on iPhone and Android and can now control floor lamps as well as other lamps or appliances. Yes, and it has the same on-off button as the SmartDimmer, with dimming function.

Most importantly, it measures the power consumption of the device attached and broadcasts the information over Bluetooth® Low Energy for real time monitoring, so you see which lamp or appliance is on or off. Certainly your smart phone can remotely control the device.