AIRcable SmartDimmer™

Control Lights From Your Smart Phone.

The world’s first Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) lighting controller for home or office
 and the first All-in-One Home Automation product. What is that?




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Add Home Automation Smarts to your Phone

Monitor and control all lights in your home!

The AIRcable SmartDimmer is the first light switch you can control directly with your iPhone and other smart phones*. The free downloadable app connects easily to all lights in your home and does not require any complicated infrastructure or setup on your PC or Wifi station. Bluetooth® Low Energy is the new Home Automation Standard and this is the first product available.

The easy to install SmartDimmer works just like a regular light switch with dimming functions, only much better:

  • LED lighting optimized
  • adjustable super strong night light
  • configurable timer to save energy
  • measures energy consumption and temperature
  • and a lot more features...

A compelling feature is the matched Companion Switch. Running only on batteries, the Companion Switch can be installed anywhere, even in areas that don’t have wiring, such as interior columns. You switch and dim the lights with no delay, just as if it is the main unit itself. Never again hassle a 3-way installation.


First All-in-One Automation Product

Yes, you can start with one single SmartDimmer in your home to enjoy the home automation features. No geeky installation setup or additional products are required for "home awesomation". And with only about 1/5th of the cost of existing products the SmartDimmer has features, others can only dream about.


Knowing what lights are on, how much energy is consumed and being able to control them is cost saving for:

  • Apartment Owners
  • Dorm Rooms
  • Retirement Homes
  • Hospital Room
  • Shops
  • Office
  • anybody