AIRbeacon The AIRcable iBeacon®

Bluetooth® Low Energy Master (Central)

Need to connect Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripheral devices to your PC for monitoring or controlling? Need an Apple compatible iBeacon?

The AIRcable iBeacon is a BLE-Central device for making connections to Bluetooth Low Energy devices, read/write characteristics and broadcast dynamic information, e.g. as iBeacon. It is used by BLE developers as well as BLE automation software.

Just plug into any USB port and this very simple to use device allows you to:

  • find BLE peripheral devices
  • parse the scan records
  • name, address, transmit power, services, RSSI and manufacturer specific data
  • make connections to BLE peripherals
  • discover services and characteristics with attributes
  • read and write characteristics as well as perform pairing for privileged characteristics
  • set notifications for available characteristics
  • broadcast configurable data packages at configurable rates with automatic data update
  • configurable as a fully generic iBeacon
  • NEW: scan for iBeacon and interpret the results
  • NEW: connect to serial ports over GATT devices (SPP over GATT)
  • NEW: over air firmware updates

This document here describes the command line interface, a human readable simple prompt-command over the serial port. The AIRcable iBeacon uses SiLab’s CP2104 USB-to-Serial virtual COM port. Drivers for all operating systems are available here. Baud rate: 115200, 8N1, no handshake.

Once configured as a broadcaster, it will keep the settings and it can be deployed just with a USB power supply.ibeacon

This product is available as BLE module for your own design too.

iBeacon® is a registered trademark from Apple.