The AIRcable Sensor Deployment Kit (S.D.K.)

An Universal Bluetooth Controller with LCD and buttons

Deployable Generic Wireless Sensor Interface and Controller

The AIRcable S.D.K. (Sensor Deployment Kit) is our latest product based on the AIRcable SMD, designed to be a deployable generic wireless sensor interface and controller. It is already pre-programmed in BASIC code to perform:

  • sensor reading
  • data logging
  • display data and user interaction
  • communication to and/or from other Bluetooth devices and servers
  • make decisions and control equipment

It consists of two parts, display / processor module and a generic sensor module, which can be customized to fit an application. Together they make up the AIRcable S.D.K., a deployable generic wireless sensor interface and controller in an attractive housing design.



  • Ease of Use - for Developers, Hobbyists and Engineers
  • Programmable options suit individual needs
  • Programmable Data Aquisition
  • Modifiable Sensor Interface, add your own sensor
  • Virtually any type of "data sensing" for a multitude of applications
  • Server side with data base and web server available
  • Open source model, SDK and Server


The DevKit Solar Controller is a powerful, low cost solution to monitor and control a wide variety of things. It has also been successfully tested with a solar hot water system. This little device has Built-in-Functions for fast deployment, is easily programmable in BASIC, has an LCD display (3 buttons, 3 LEDs), comes with an External Antenna with a range of over 100m allowing for sensory data retrieval in areas where wired communication may either be unfeasible or impractical, and has a customizable sensor board. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, 5V USB, as well as from Solar Power. The solar power enables the battery to remained charged in case all power is lost or at night.

Example Use

Hot water solar controller and data logger. Switches pump and measures temperature differences and flow rate.

Industrial Fan controller in combination with the AIRcable Serial5. Sends on/off, faster slower commands to the fan wirelessly, displays temperature and speed.

More examples are on


  • Works with: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.