Bluetooth Video Camera

Technical Specifications

Sensor data in every image

  • Real time clock, accelerometer (gravitation vector), 3D compass, temperature, battery measurement, unique identifier of the camera, and configurable information such as GPS string, or trigger event. Good for proving where and when the picture was taken and who did it.

Streaming MJPEG video through Bluetooth

  • Android cell phone, OSX, Linux, and Windows. More ports pretty easy. Software is available as open source and packaged for these devices. Web based configuration interface and control with IP camera support for security application integration.


  • 3MPix sensor, 320x240 at up to 5fps, 640x480, 1024x768 and 2048x1536. Automatic frame rate adaption to the current situation. This improves range. Field of view: 60 degree, zoom modes: 32 deg, 20 deg and 10deg and software panning while in zoom.

External antenna for improved range

  • Standard range to a cell phone is up to 40m. Range with a Host XR3 on PC is 100-200m. Long range version of the camera is available too with range of >1km.

Exposure Time

  • Day/Night mode, 1/15 exposure time to 2sec exposure time. LED Flash and ambient light sensor available.

Internal Storage

  • Micro-SD card, 2GB FAT16 file system, for taking pictures and storing on SD card. Autonomous performance is 2 pictures per minute. Wireless file transfer and access the SD card from any cell phone or PC and download images wirelessly. Can store more than 100,000 images.

Rechargeable Battery

  • Integrated 420mA LiPol battery provides 4h streaming video or days of standby, standard micro-USB plug for recharging.


  • The AIRi has a build-in microphone. An eSCO channel, such as used for standard Bluetooth headsets, is available. The audio data transfer will slow down the picture transfer, but the adaptive frame rate will keep the video running.


  • Programmable wirelessly in BASIC code for advanced applications, time lapse video, Bluetooth trigger events, time events, environment light events, button press, any sensor value event, etc.


  • Polycarbonate housing with Aluminum shell, but very light weight. Can be mounted on a wall, or just use 2-sided tape. Comes with hook for wearing on clothing and with suction cup for stand.

Image Sensor Content

Tag Value
Make AIRcable
Model 0025BF101E2F
DateTime 2011-06-06 23:18:00

Each JPEG image transmitted or stored contains the sensor data from the camera. The camera uses the standard EXIF header in each JPEG image to store the “make”, “model” and “date string”. “Make” is a string set to “AIRcable”, model is a string containing the hex notation of the Bluetooth MAC address, e.g. “0025BF101E2F”. The date string conforms to the EXIF standard: “YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS”.

In addition the sensor data is stored in the APP9 segment of the JPEG image. The header starts with JPEG marker 0xFFE9 and is 56 bytes long. Each value is a 16 bit number.
For both 3 dimensional sensors this is the orientation.

0xFFE9 Application Segment 9  
0x0036 size of the JPEG section 54 bytes including this size
0x3456 magic number  
0x0023 temperature inside the camera in Celcius 35C
0x0056, 0x005a, 0x00af 3D gravitation vector coordinates:
range 0-180 degree
90 degree = 0G
180 degree = 1G
0 degree = -1G
x: 86 degree
y: 90 degree
z: 175 degree
0xff35, 0xfed7, 0xff26 compass 3d coordinates representing the magnetic strength in each direction.
A value of 820 is 1 Ga
x: -203
y: -297
z: -218
a value of -4096 is invalid
0x02f3 ambient light in LUX 755 LUX
0x108d voltage in mV for the Lithium Polymer battery
32 characters freely configurable string e.g. GPS 3659.5833,N,12158.5155,W

Customized Design

Please contact us for customized design of this camera, e.g. Infrared flash, different field of view lens, new housing design, indicator lights etc.