Total Compatibility

Since our technology does not modify the Bluetooth radio specification, it is compatible with all software, every Bluetooth stack and certainly Bluetooth certified.

Now, when you use two long range AIRcable products together, then you really see the "long range" capability of AIRcable's technology. Using the AIRcable Industrial XR you can create long-range wireless cables up to 10km! This is certified in the US using directional antennas of 18dBi strength at FCCID SQCAB5C1.

Stronger antennas are possible for directional point-to-point use for even more range. We can provide professional installation of such use.

Bluetooth 10m?

How can you get more range from a class 2 Bluetooth devices, such as mouse/keyboard, cell phone, stereo headset or laptops?

AIRcable's patented Bluetooth technology makes it possible without modifying the device.

Basically, the AIRcable devices have "big ears" and can hear the little class 2 devices at a much greater distance.

In average you can expect about 10 times the range of standard dongles.

Extend Your Range

AIRcable Host XR3
Upgrade the range of your existing Bluetooth devices with this USB dongle.

AIRcable Industrial XR
The most Powerful solution to extend Bluetooth range via a Serial Port. Upgrade the antennae for even more range.*

AIRcable Serial5X
Best Serial Port dongle on the market with superior range and very low power consumption.