Develop and Deploy

AIRcable products are all based on the AIRcable SMD module, an intelligent Bluetooth micro-controller, which runs BASIC programs you upload wirelessly via FTP.

BASIC code specification here.

Main advantage of our solution is the ease to develop your end-product. It may just take a few minutes to hours to get a workable product that can do new things. (see below for examples)

The Possibilities


You have 1023 lines of BASIC code free for you own use, you have a file system for additional code an data and a huge amount of build-in functions you can use to realize your vision.

Implementing an automatic temperature monitoring device with local data logging and LCD display?


Server that picks up temperature histories from many of these monitors?


Hot water solar system with differential temperature metering, pump control and energy saving calculation?


More tutorials for programming AIRcable devices are here.

Develop and Deploy for the Solutions of Tomorrow

AIRcable Industrial XR
The most Powerful solution to extend Bluetooth range via a Serial Port. Upgrade the antennae for even more range.*

AIRcable S.D.K.
Your universal stand alone sensor deployment tool. Add any sensor (temperature, distance, moisture...) and control other devices (pumps etc.) with it.

AIRcable Server XR
Ultra-compact, long-range, deployable, pre-configure Linux Bluetooth server.

AIRcable SMD
The ENGINE of all our products is available as a chip module to integrate into your own solutions. It has modular FCC certification already.