Connect with Ease

Creating a Long-Range, and Secure Bluetooth Connection has never been easier! AIRcable products come with all the software installed in the device to create a Bluetooth connection. AIRcable devices recieve power via the USB or Serial Port, which means all you need to do is plug-it-in!

Instant Wireless Cable

  1. Add Bluetooth to a device with
    a USB or Serial Port
  2. Pair the Devices
  3. Enjoy the Best Bluetooth Range on the Market

Add Bluetooth the Easy Way

via USB Port

AIRcable Host XR3
Best USB Dongle on the market... too bad its more than a Dongle.

AIRcable USB5
The simple solution to add Bluetooth via USB.

AIRcable iBeacon
The economic solution to add Bluetooth via USB.

via Serial Port

AIRcable Industrial XR
The most Powerful solution to add Bluetooth via a Serial Port.

AIRcable Serial5
Add Bluetooth to a device with a Serial Port

AIRcable Serial5X
Just like our Serial5, but with better range, and a battery!

AIRcable Mini
High volume OEM product for a cost effective Serial to Bluetooth solution.

Stand-Alone Solutions

AIRcable Audio XR
Play music from your laptop or phone wirelessly to your home stereo.

AIRcable Server XR
Ultra-compact, long-range, deployable, pre-configure Linux Bluetooth server.