AIRcable Partners

At Wireless Cables Inc. we strongly believe that our partners are the key to successfully meeting the needs of a diversified customer base.

We strongly believe that in partnership, we can reach out to more customers, focus on niche markets, deliver a higher level of service and develop customer-focused relationships. We take pride in building our business around partnerships and are committed to solutions that provide the flexibility necessary for customers to choose the best products that meet their requirements.

Becoming a Wireless Cables Partner

Interested in being part of a winning team? Join the Wireless Cables Revolution and together we'll bring industry-leading solutions to organizations worldwide. Please email us with your information and have a representative contact you.



Technology Partners


Hardware Partners

Software Partners

OpenProximity OpenProximity is an open source implementation of a commercial grade Bluetooth® Proximity Marketing system. The development of this project has been sponsored since November 2007 by Wireless Cables Inc., the manufacturer of the only patented Long Range Bluetooth radio that can communicate to cell phones at a 10 times greater range.

OpenSensors is an open source site dedicated to wireless sensors using the AIRcable products. Home of the AIRcable Robot and AIRcable Camera projects.

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