Applications: Cable Replacement

Long-range and Mid-range cable replacement solutions

Cable replacement combinations provide a convenient way of connecting a computer with serial devices such as laboratory equipment, point-of-sale devices, scanners, printers and even other computers without using any cables. AIRcable products are used for wireless communication between a Palm or PC and CNC machines, sewing machines, surface pumping systems, car diagnostic tools, livestock tracking, and power pole monitoring.

Long-Range "Wireless Cable"

Link two AIRcable Industrial XR units with grid antennas together and you can achieve a range of 30km!
It's works like a super-long serial cable!

Sample Applications

Cable Replacement at Work

Cable Replacment Options

 Wireless Serial-to-Serial Connections

Industrial XR3 - to - Industrial XR3  
A Long-range wireless serial cable. with range up to 30km! More Info >
Serial5 - to - Serial5  
A wireless Serial cable (Serial Male to Serial Female) or a wireless Serial Null-Modem cable (Female to Female) More Info >
Serial5 - to - Serial5X  
A wireless serial cable with an external antenna and battery on the serial side. Does not require serial power or and external power supply. More Info >

 Wireless Serial-to-USB Connections

USB5 - to - Serial5  
A wireless Serial to USB cable More Info >
USB5 - to - Serial5X  
A wireless Serial to USB cable with an external antenna and battery on the serial side. Does not require serial power or an external power supply. More Info >
USB2 - to - Serial5 - Special Sale  
A wireless Serial to USB cable with automatic baud rate control via USB More Info >

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Use the LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner from or Symbol's line of Bluetooth bar code scanners with your PC, laptop, Palm, or PocketPC. The USB Bluetooth radio dongle for Linux, and Windows provides seamless connectivity for the any Bluetooth scanner.


Telescope Control

Use AIRcable to Bluetooth enable your telescope. Astromist, astronomy software, along with AIRcable allows you to control your telescope with a PDA or PC wirelessly. AIRcable can even Bluetooth enable your digital setting circle, giving you position information wirelessly (see set up information below).

For more information or to order Astromist go to

For information on how to set-up your telescope read this CloudyNights review.

Digital Settings Circles (DSC)

Some DSC makers: Celestron Advanced Astro Maste, JMI NGC Max, Lumicron

Planetarium programs are available for the PocketPC and the Palm

Bluetooth enable setup steps:

Thanks to Mark Forsthoefel, Frost Design.

For information on how to configure the AIRcable Serial for the Paramount ME™ Robotic Telescope Mount, click here.

taken from: cable-replacement.html


Connecting devices with an AIRcable enables you to do everything you're used to with cables: transferring data, printing or scanning, and all at the speed of a high-bandwidth network connection. By using an AIRcable you eliminate the unnecessary and growing tangle of cables in your home, or office, or laboratory, while giving you the freedom and flexibility of moving equipment without re-cabling

The Serial Wireless Cable modules conform to the industrial standard EIA-232-E for serial data communication and act as transparent pass through devices, i.e. as a RS-232 cable without wires. It provides complete emulation of all RS-232 signals.

The AIRcable Serial3 does not require any software to establish a Bluetooth connection. There is also no need to change any software on the connected devices. The AIRcable Serial3 is a true "cable replacement" product. The serial data rate is manually adjustable between 4800 bps and 115200 bps. The DCE module has a Sub-D 9 pin male connector, the DTE module has a Sub-D 9 pin female connector.


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